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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Library Showcase in Alabama

As of this moment we will be unable to attend the Library Showcase in Montgomery, Alabama next Tuesday. Needless to say I am really disappointed, but right now I am the only one who is ready to do the storytelling shows we have created. The rest of the Starshine Faces artists will be trained and ready by the time the summer reading programs start so that cancellations won't occur. I hate to not show the new storytelling shows that we have put together for the Alabama State Library theme for this summer "Catch the Reading Bug." So, unless there is a change and I can work it out, we won't be in Montgomery, Alabama next Tuesday, but we do thank you for visiting us to see what we can do for your program.

For those who had asked why we are unable to attend, my children have doctor's appointments that will be next to impossible to reschedule. I had to get the date available when I had to reschedule because of a previous hospital stay and it ended up the same day as the Library Showcase. The doctor is filled for months in advance and you have to get what you can.

We are still available to book for the summer reading program or anytime program for that matter (we have a super fun Christmas Party program). Our story telling / face painting program features Spider stories and we are perfecting the one featuring butterflies and other bugs. A select number of children are invited to participate in our unique storytelling show by having their faces painted as the story is unveiled to the audience. The stories are from books that are probably already in your library from children's picture books to multi-cultural folk tales.

If you have already booked your entertainment for the summer, don't count us out just yet. What do you have planned for an early registration day? Invite the children to come and register early, get their faces painted, and check out the really cool selection of Bug books you have picked out for the summer. For a super special award program at the end of the summer, invite Starshine Faces to transform your children into the Bugs that they have read about and learned about all summer. Capture a photo of the buggy children and send them home with a wonderful keepsake of the fun they had in your program the summer of 2008.

So, don't just Catch the Reading Bug this summer, invite your children to BE a Reading Bug! Invite Starshine Faces to your library and we will transform your audience!


Spring is on its way!!

Spring is coming and weekends are filling fast. Here are some public events that we will be at over the next couple of months. If you have a festival in Alabama that you would like Starshine Faces to add fun and color to through fabulous facepainting, be sure to give us a call.

March 1st - KidsFest in Birmingham, Alabama. This event is held from 10-4pm in front of the McWane Center in Birmingham, AL. You can go to for more information on this event. Kristin will be painting faces for FREE with a signed photo consent form for us to use the photo for marketing materials and display books, etc. If you have any questions, just send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will also be demonstrating our Balloon Twisting skills.

March 15th -Walk for the Cure for Juvenile Diabetes. This will be held in Glencoe, Alabama and we will be painting faces. Look for more details to follow, but the times will be from 8-12 on this Saturday.

April 5th - Alabama Chocolate Festival, Rainbow City, Alabama
We have been painting at the Alabama Chocolate Festival in Rainbow City, Alabama
since the first year the festival started. We LOVE this festival because the response to what we offer has been so wonderful and hey....we love chocolate. Every booth gives away free chocolate, so bring your sweet tooth. This is a pay per face event and prices will range from $5-$20 with a $1 special of chocolate kisses painted all over the face. The location of the festival is different this year, so we will see if that changes the participation. You can find more information here...oh and the kitty face on the page was painted by Kristin the first year of the festival.

June 13-14th - Riverfest, Gadsden, Alabama. We are planning on being at Riverfest for this year. We are not sure, yet, if the painting will be pay per face at our regular festival rate fees, or if the painting will be reduced or even free. Once we confirm we will let you know.

IF you have a business and you want to either attract HUGE AMOUNTS of attention to your festival booth or business, give us a call. Our facepainting attracts attention where ever we set up and you can use this to attract attention to your product or service.

We are currently sending letters to restaurants from Gadsden to Trussville, Alabama areas. If people have to wait for a table or wait for their food, isn't it better to have something fun to distract them with? Once I find out where we will be on a regular basis, I will be sure to post it so you can come see us.

Thanks for looking and we look forward to seeing you at ALL of these public evetns.