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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dilly Bean the Clown has arrived!

With graduation from The Magic City Clown School in Birmingham, Alabama just around the corner, the new clowns of the fall 2012 class were debuted last night at Liberty Park Baptist Church Fall Festival.  Included in that class is our very own Dilly Bean!!!  Dilly Bean LOVES pickled green beans (also called Dilly Beans) and her name is a play also on her maiden name (Dill).  She is available for parties, promotional events, festivals, fairs, and pretty much anywhere you would want a fun loving clown.  She can twist balloons, paint faces, or just do some walk-around clown magic and all around silliness.  Contact Starshine Faces if you are interested in inviting Dilly Bean to your next event in and around St. Clair County, in the state of Alabama.