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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Soccer Program in Ashville

We have a fun upcoming event where we are trying some new things next month.  It is a Family Fun Day hosted by G.O.A.L. Foundation and will include fun kids activities (face painting by you know who as well as either glitter tattoos or airbrush tattoos!), free soccer sessions for all ages and skill levels, soccer skill games, drinks, and more!  It is an opportunity to learn about Goal Foundation, their charity work, and the details of their soccer program.  It is not like your typical sign up to play soccer for a season program, but is a skills based learning program that also incorporates life skills like time management and nutrition. 

So come join us as we paint at this fun event and help start a new soccer program in Ashville, AL.

July 16th 10 am - 1pm.  Langston Park, 211 8th Street, Ashville, AL  (next to city hall).